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For any inquiries please email us at: and allow 48 hours for response.

*Be aware that responses may be sent to your Junk/Spam mail.

We understand everyone comes in all shapes and sizes and that is why we made it easy to choose a tub size. Our standard tub will fit anyone 6'2" or shorter comfortably. Anyone taller or couples that want to plunge together can enjoy our XL tub.

As of right now all of our tubs will ship within 5-7 business days (unless otherwise noted). When purchased with our plunge system, our tubs will ship immediately and our plunge units will ship in 6-8 weeks! For the most up-to-date shipping information, please visit the appropriate product page!

When using our plunge system, we recommend adding oxidizer weekly and sanitizer as needed to ensure water levels stay safe and clean.

*Do NOT use chlorine when using our plunge unit as it can damage the unit*

It depends on ambient factors. Typically, in the summertime when temperatures are hotter, you will want to change your water at least once a week. The colder the water temperature is maintained in the tub, the longer the water will last. We recommend no longer than 10 days due to potential bacterial growth when water is left untreated. This is only when NOT using our plunge unit. Water in our plunge unit can last months and months when treated appropriately.

Water cleanliness comes easy when using our plunge unit. Our plunge system comes equipped with a 2-step filtration system that starts at the external filter to catch any large debris such as lint and hair with our 20 micron pleated water filter. It then runs through an internal micro filter before water re-enters the tub. The system also has a built-in ozone generator that kicks on every 1-3 minutes for added purification.

When it comes to premium inflatable tubs, we have the best price guaranteed. Our 1HP plunge systems come in at $3890 compared to other companies' systems ranging from $4500-$6000 for the same product. This brand was created to get the best quality recovery equipment in your hands at the best price!

All products sold by us come with a one year warranty for residential users. This warranty covers manufacturing defects and other issues associated with normal product use. The Live Well Recover plunge system comes with a 6 month warranty for commercial use. This warranty does not cover wear-and-tear or abuse of the product. If you have questions regarding what is covered in the warranty, please email us!

We ship, free of charge, via FedEx or UPS ground shipping to the lower 48 states. The tub comes in one box and the plunge unit comes in a separate box. Please keep the plunge unit in the upright position when transporting. If the chiller is set on its side, please allow 24 hours for the chiller to be in the upright position before use.

*We currently do not ship internationally

Please reach out to our email: with subject line AMBASSADOR or AFFILIATE to discuss further.

We offer discounts for active and retired military, first responders, healthcare workers, utility workers, and teachers! Please email us with the subject line DISCOUNT to send proof to receive a discount code when checking out!